Cheap summer holiday deals to Portugal under £280pp ahead of imminent air bridge plans

A TRIP to the Algarve could happen this summer after all as the UK government is considering ending the Portugal travel ban.

The UK government's full list of 'safe' countries, released earlier this month, lowered the travel ban and stopped the quarantine restrictions when returning to the UK.

However, Portugal was left off this list – a spike in coronavirus cases, particularly in Lisbon, led to it being left out of the holiday travel corridor arrangement.

After intense lobbying from the Portuguese government, that decision is set to be reversed, according to The Times, within days.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the Government would be making "more announcements" on international travel, following a review on Monday next week.

He told Sky News: "I will be talking more about the way forward on things like international travel corridors then.

"But now, each week actually, we are reviewing and, where required, updating the list of countries it's safe to travel to."

There are still some cheap deals to Portugal this summer for less than £300pp, although caution is advised – with the air bridge not yet in place.

Brits still have to quarantine when returning to the UK, and some restrictions are in place across different regions in Portugal.

  • Flights to Faro with Ryanair – from £16.99
  • Flights to Faro with Jet2 – from £30
  • Flights to Madeira with Jet2 – from £35
  • Seven nights in Lisbon with return flights on August 8 – £214pp
  • Seven nights in Madeira with return flights on August 13 – £269pp
  • Seven nights in central Portugal with return flights on August 31 – £276pp

Brits should be aware of the current travel restrictions – tourists in mainland Portugal will require a health screening on arrival while Madeira will enforce a a 72-hour-prior-arrival coronavirus test or test on arrival, waiting 12 hours at accommodation.

The Azores will also need a 72-hour-prior-arrival negative coronavirus or a test on arrival, waiting 48 hours in quarantine.

Holidays longer than a week will require the test again after six days.

A curfew is currently in place from 8pm in some parts of Lisbon after the spike in coronavirus cases, while gatherings are limited to just 10 people.

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