Chef explains common cooking mistakes which stop your curry tasting authentic

Britain loves curry, but most of us aren’t that good at making it.

Sure, we can whip up a bhuna from a jar and add some rice but when has that ever tasted as good as a takeaway?

If you’re a foodie you’ve probably tried making your own curry from scratch.

However, despite mixing your spices and adding your aromatics as the recipe states, they often end up tasting flat.

Have you ever made your favourite curry at home? Let us know in the comments…

Not to worry, the Daily Star spoke to Chef Patron Peter Joseph of Kahani, London, to find out what we’re doing wrong when cooking curry at home.

Here’s what he had to say:

Not seasoning the curry right.

Peter said: “it does not matter how well you cook the dish if you don’t put the right amount of salt in it – the taste won’t be good.

"When you eat the curry with rice it needs more salt to cover the rice too."

So don't be shy of how much salt is needed, taste it and add more until the flavour sings.

Going too quickly

The chef added: “By rushing to make a curry you will burn the ingredients.

“You will not have a good curry at the end if you do this.”

So take your time, lower the heat and keep an eye on your ingredients.

Rome wasn’t built in a day…

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Many curries need to cook for a while and reduce to create powerful flavours, but never let the mix burn.

Using old spices

Peter said: “Try to use fresh spices which were recently bought.

“Many use the spices that have sitting in the cupboard for ages.

“Check the best before date, you wont achieve a good flavours with old spices.”

Try going to the local market or specialty Indian shop to buy big bags of fresh cinnamon, garam masala and more.

Using too many tomatoes

Peter commented: “People normally add an extra tin of tomato in to get a greater quantity of curry, but it wont help at all.

“More tomato will absorb all the flavours of the curry.”

So, if you’re doubling the tomato to get more curry make sure you double the spices too!

Adding extra fat

The chef said: “People normally think that by adding more oil or butter will make the curry tastier, that’s the wrong way of making curry.”

You might make your curry oily, greasy or less flavoursome if you chuck in extra butter.

Use the amount stated in the recipe and wait for the flavours to mature.

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