Cheryl Tiegs Reveals Late Ex-Husband Peter Beard Was the 'Most Romantic Love of My Life'

“He was very creative, in just the way he lived,” she says, “and I always appreciated that.”

After the couple called it quits, Tiegs says she did not stay in close touch. He went on to marry wife Nejma in 1986, and welcomed daughter Zara two years later.

Tiegs — who married again twice — says Beard wasn’t one to ruminate on death and fate, as he stayed focused on presenting himself as alive and free-spirited, even if that free spirit put him in peril.

Take, for example, the 1996 incident on the Kenyan-Tanzanian border in which he was charged by an elephant, speared in the leg and nearly died.

“He would always flirt with [death]. Going too close to the elephants, going too close to the rhino, driving a motorcycle too fast,” says Tiegs. “He would always be on the edge.”

Following the weeks of uncertainty after he was reported missing by his family, Tiegs says the official confirmation of his death brought back many memories of their time together.

“When I think about him now, I think of his smile and his laughter and the way he walked and the way he talked,” she says. “I think he deeply loved me too, in his own way… Even though we got divorced and even though it was unpleasant at times, I’m eternally grateful that Peter Beard held out his hand and lifted me to a higher level in life.”

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