Cleaning guru shares secret to make washing smell fresh using a kitchen sponge

Tumble dryer can always ruin the fresh smell of laundry wash and leave the clothes with a musty smell.

But a DIY cleaning fan has come up with a genius idea to get rid of the odour and all you need is a kitchen sponge, a fabric conditioner and a container.

Mrs D recently posted the simple hack on her Instagram, saying: "It's that time of year when the washing line is put away and the Tumble dryer gets turned on.

"My Tumble dryer sponges are prepped and ready for the Laundry today… your Laundry will smell amazing and you will no longer need to use tumble dryer sheets."

In the step-to-step guide, she places a Minky sponge into a plastic box then pours in two caps of fabric conditioner on top of it.

The cleaning guru uses Mrs Hinch's favourite scent – Lenor's 'Calm' lavender and camomile – but you can choose your own scent.

Next she pours some lukewarm water over to make sure the sponge has fully soaked in the fabric conditioner mix.

The scented sponge is basically prepped and can be used anytime.

Mrs D suggested to slightly wring the sponge before putting it in the tumble dryer so that the fabric conditioner is not pouring out of the sponge.

Fans praised the simple hack a money-saving tip so that they do not have to spend extra money on buying tumble dryer sheets.

One fan said the tip could be useful for her as the weather changes and she will have to turn on the tumble dryer more often.

Another wrote: "The clothes smell of your favourite fragrance right up until they end up with and back in the washing basket.

"You've saved me so much money doing it this way rather than buy the tumble dryer sheets which I don't think have the intended results."

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