Clever hacks show you how to use old fruit peel for tea, seasoning and snacks

So many of us are trying to live more sustainably – and a big part of that is minimising our food waste.

But, whenever we eat fresh food so much of it ends up in the bin. Skins, rinds, pips and peel – all piling up in our food bins. But we could be missing a trick.

Fruit peel is particularly handy and actually has lots of uses. From teas to seasoning to tasty snacks, all that zesty rind that you’re throwing away could actually be being put to work.

To help inspire the 30% of Brits who are trying hard to waste less food since lockdown, HelloFresh Head Chef Andre Dupin has pulled together five genius food waste hacks to make the most out of fruit peel.

‘There is a common misconception that the skin on certain fruits can’t be eaten,’ says Andre.

‘With the right recipes and cooking methods, fruit peels that are commonly thrown away can be turned into something quite delicious. We’re determined to help keep the nation inspired in the kitchen and at the table.’

Apple peel chips

For a sweet yet crunchy crisp sensation, re-purpose apple skin by baking them into tasty chips.

Mix sugar and cinnamon together, sprinkle evenly over the peels and bake for 30 minutes. Easy as pie.

Candied orange peel

Simply pop the peeled and sliced orange peel in an inch of water and bring to boil.

Drain with a colander and repeat once more.

Once that’s done, add back to the pot with 2 cups of water, 1 cup of sugar and vanilla.

Bring to the boil and then simmer for 30-35 minutes until the sugar syrup has almost entirely evaporated.

Let them dry for at least 8 hours. When dried, roll in sugar.

Chocolate-dipped orange peel

Disguise orange peel with a delicious dark chocolate coating.

Perfect for gifting, snacking, or a healthier treat – all ages will love this genius snack.

Use the same method as for the candied orange peel above, but lastly, melt and cover the treats in milk chocolate.

Grapefruit tea

The rind of grapefruit is rich in fibre and should never be wasted.

To make the most delicious and nutritious tea, simply add a grapefruit peel to boiling water and let it simmer for 15 minutes, then sweeten to taste with honey.

Lemon peel zesty seasoning

Make your own zesty seasonings with lemon peels that would have once been thrown away. 

Before you halve a lemon for juicing, grate the zest to use for seasoning – add to cooked grains, such as couscous and bulgur wheat for a zingy crunch or mix in soups, stews or any curry dish to bring out the flavours.

Do you have any clever food hacks to share? We want to hear from you.

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