Clucky for Kentucky: Aucklander sets up tent outside KFC drive-thru ahead of level 3

Kiwi meme sensation Tavlova joked about Kiwis lining up in the drive-thru of KFC in anticipation of the drop to alert level 3 in Auckland at 11.59pm tonight.

But one punter has turned that meme into a reality after pitching a tent on the grass next to the Papakura KFC in a bid to get to the front the queue.

A video posted to TikTok shows a small blue tent a few metres from the drive-thru speaker.

“People camping out waiting for KFC to open tomorrow,” the woman filming the video says. “Bring on level 3!”

The hungry Aucklander’s move lit up social media and many dived in to poke fun at those desperate for some dirty bird.

“There’s no point camping out in the tent because it will be drive-thru only so go home and get your car,” one person wrote.

Another said: “I told my parents I’m going to do this as a joke. I didn’t know people were actually doing it.”

From 11.59pm on Tuesday, food outlets are able to open up to Aucklanders for contactless takeaways, click and collect and delivery.

When areas outside of Auckland dropped to level 3 a couple of weeks ago, numerous fast food restaurants had to employ traffic control as drive-thrus caused gridlock on roads and surrounding intersections.

The appeal for KFC has been all too much for some, after two gang associates were arrested at the southern Auckland border with a boot full of KFC trying to get back into Auckland.

Officers became suspicious of a vehicle on a gravel road and pulling a U-turn before speeding off, trying to evade police.

The vehicle eventually pulled over and police discovered it had been travelling from Hamilton trying to get into Auckland, a police spokesperson said.

“The vehicle was searched and police located cash, alongside empty ounce bags and a large amount of takeaways.”

The men, aged 23 and 30, will appear in court for breaching the Health Order. Further charges were likely, the spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, an Auckland councillor has come up with a great idea of how to use people’s hunger for fast food as a method to vaccinate people.

Josephine Bartley proposes setting up vaccination buses or centres at KFCs across Auckland to vaccinate those waiting in line.

“People are going to be waiting in line for ages anyway, they might as well get a vaccination while they’re there.”

The Maungakiekie-Tāmaki councillor has contacted KFC NZ franchise holder Restuarant Brands and shared her finger lickin’ idea.

“I’m more than aware that KFC has a massive customer base in Auckland and notably in areas that are a focus for raising Covid vaccination rates such as Māngere, Ōtara, Manurewa, Papatoetoe.

“I note there are KFC outlets in all these suburbs and each also has large carparks,” she wrote.

Auckland will end its five-week alert level 4 lockdown when it moves to level 3 for two weeks from 11.59pm tonight, with the rest of New Zealand to remain at level 2.

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