Coronavirus tips: How to keep spouse happy during lockdown with easy and simple habits

CEO of mental health clinic Smart TMS, Gerard Barnes explained that there are simple habits husbands and wives and partners should adopt during coronavirus quarantine. During an interview with, Mr Barnes insisted it was important for Britons across the country to take special care of their mental health. He added spouses could help positively contribute to their partner’s overall wellbeing.

Mr Barnes said: “The first of the key three things is be kind to your partner.

“An unexpected gift or appreciative gesture, a nice word, things like that.

“Point two is to share the workload and don’t take them for granted.

“Share the things you wouldn’t normally do like the cleaning, looking after the kids, cooking.

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“The most important thing of all is hugs.

“Hug each other because touch is very important as we are all a bit scared and unsure at the moment.

“We get a lot of comfort from physical contact and we need not stigmatise that.

“Those are the three things, be kind, share the workload and hugs.”

Mr Barnes has also commended the Royal Family for their efforts in mental health causes.

He claimed that both Prince Harry and Prince William have helped remove the stigma behind mental health issues.

He said this has been achieved by showing the public that individuals who appear to have it all can still show that they are not okay at times. 


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Mr Barnes also emphasised the importance of seeking help if you feel unable to cope and may be struggling.

He added this was especially important during the coronavirus lockdown period as the crisis has created uncertain times.

The Smart TMS Mental Health support helpline hours are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

UK callers should dial +44(0)20 3855 4578 and callers from Ireland should dial +353 1592 3560.

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