Costco shopper in stitches as dinosaur on bday cake looks like it could kill

A Costco cake decorator had a nightmare when a customer requested a dinosaur cake.

The punter placed an order for a cute design with a Jurassic creature made from blue and green buttercream.

In promotional pictures, it also featured white piping around the edges, sprinkles and a border.

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Then to customise the cake, the customer wanted them to ice the jokey words: “Happy 40th Birthday Jason. You old dinosaur.”

Sadly, the execution of the cake didn’t quite live up to expectations though.

They wrote: “Costco birthday cake. They discounted it to £0.01 for us.”

The shopper shared a picture of the finished result on Reddit – and it's sparked a lot of laughter.

The post garnered more than 4,700 upvotes and plenty of amusing comments.

One responder joked: "The dinosaur on the cake: Happy birthday Jason, but kill me please and end my suffering."

A second commented: "The dinosaur looks like it’s going to kill everyone at the party."

And another said: "My wife and I cry laughed over this, thanks for sharing."

Some think the cake looks brilliant though (for all the wrong reasons).

A Redditor admitted: "This would be my favourite birthday cake. Instant classic. Use them again for every friends bday."

Another laughed: "It's better this way and you can tell Jason he's worth every pence."

A third said: "Task failed successfully in my book. That’s hilarious."

And a fourth added: "Best 1 cent ever spent I think. You need to frame this, this might one of the funniest things I've seem this year. Everything about this is magical."


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