Couple with déjà vu claim they were lesbians killed for witchcraft in year 1500

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A loved-up couple have sensationally claimed they can remember a past life where they were in a lesbian relationship, before being burned for witchcraft.

In a TikTok video, user @liriette gushes about how much she loves her boyfriend and how from the beginning they both "feel like they already knew each other".

She says after experiencing a lot of déjà vu (the sensation that something has happened before, a common trick of the brain) they decided to research their "past lives".

The pair did a past life regression meditation and claimed, unbelievably, that in their past life they were a biracial lesbian couple living in Ireland in the year 1500.

Unfortunately, the TikToker claimed relatives from this "past life" found out about the secret love affair and had them burned at the stake accused of witchcraft, although their only crime was "loving their soulmate".

She wrote in the on-screen text: "In this life, we've been given a second chance. Let's hope it's not so tragic."

The video has been "liked" more than 67,000 times on the video-sharing app but has received a mixed response in the comments, with some viewers deeply skeptical.

One said: "This isn't even historically accurate."

"You just saying anything at this point," wrote a second.

A third user joked: "Everyone please it's true I'm the one that snitched."

But other people were on board with the outlandish idea and congratulated the couple on their relationship.

One wrote: "Imagine finding a partner this open to spirituality and past lives and regression therapy."

"I'm so happy for you! I did this and I was a young lady in NY living my best life with my cat," gushed another viewer.

A third user wrote: "Omg sounds like you are twin flames you will find each other in every lifetime."

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