Cranfield's Full Motion + G-Force Rig Is the Ultimate Formula 1 Simulator

The ultimate Formula 1 simulator has just been unveiled by Britain’s Cranfield Simulations. Made for the extreme F1 fan, the racing simulator features a composite single-seater chassis that’s been molded from a real F1 racecar for the exact seating position.

The realness doesn’t stop there, however, as the entire system has been synched with an almost instantaneous g-cueing system which was provided by F1 teams. Without skimping on costs, the team at Cranfield has also built the system with real racing pedals, a steering wheel, VR headset, and 55” HD screen.

The static base unit starts at £25,500 GBP ($33,500 USD) but can be upgraded to the insane Full Motion + G-Force setup which includes a D-BOX suspension platform for pitch, roll and heave, a Cranfield rear traction loss system, a PRO system for rapid seat movements, and a sustained motion cueing airbag system. This maxed-out option will run you a cool £129,000 GBP ($170,000 USD).

Those interested in learning more can head over to Cranfield Simulations for the full specs and order info.

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