Dad creates arcade-style grabber game for his daughter using a bin and a bath

With kids bored of lockdown, lots of parents are recreating their favourite games or days out at home.

Who can forget the dad who filled his house with 250,000 balls to turn it into a soft play centre.

But one dad has managed to keep his daughters entertained using a bin and a bathtub.

He filmed the hilarious video of his homemade arcade-style grabber machine,

Bradley O’Riordan, 29, is seen dipping his daughter Paris, three, into a bath full of toys – while holding her by the ankles.

His other daughter Lacey, 11, is seen ‘controlling’ the human grabber with a joystick – made out of a kitchen bin.

Bradley’s girlfriend Jade Mitchell, 28, began making TikToks to keep his daughters entertained during lockdown.

Bradley, a floor layer from Brentwood, Essex, said: ‘It just came to the top of my head that I could make a teddy catching machine.

‘We printed the controls and then I got a screwdriver – I got my brand new bin and punctured a whole in the top.

‘Jade was not impressed. I said, “Listen, I know this is going to get a million views so it’s worth stabbing a hole in the bin!”

‘It’s a titanium-silver fresh bin that I paid £60 for and I just punctured a hole in it – I didn’t care.’

Their followers on their TikTok account @Brad_jade loved it.

One said: ‘Best thing I’ve seen all day.’

‘Omg this is amazing and so funny,’ another added.

Another commenter joked that finally he’d created a grabber machine you can win at.

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