Date leaves woman with huge bill after man orders food for flatmates then flees

He told her he would deliver it to them before returning to continue their date.

Thirty minutes later and the man still hadn’t returned. Soon after the woman realised, he’d left her with a huge bill for the food he’d taken with him.

The woman explained how the ordeal unfolded and how the staff at the restaurant reacted to the incident.

She said: “I was on a blind date one time. The dude had ordered food ahead for his ‘roommates’. He left and said he’d be right back because he had to run the food out to them. He never came back. I was freaking out a little and it had been 30 minutes.

“The waitress came back and asked if everything was okay. I said ‘Well, I’m not really sure as I was on a blind date and he said he was running food out to his roommates and would be right back, but I have a feeling he’s not coming back, as he’s not answering my messages anymore.’

“The waitress said ‘Oh no’. I said ‘Yeah’. She said ‘No, it’s really bad. He didn’t pay for the food to go yet either.’ So I start to worry because this is a super nice restaurant. Like, the top of the line.”

Fortunately, she didn’t have to pay after one of the waitresses spoke to the restaurant’s manager and sorted out the situation.

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The woman wrote: “[The waitress] said ‘One minute I will go talk to my manager’. She came back a bit later with a bottle of wine. Told me to finish my dinner and get what dessert I wanted, and that dinner was on her. I wanted to cry.

“She said no one deserves to be treated like that. I was so grateful for her. I left her a nice tip. Never saw the guy again. Hopefully, karma got him.”

The post on Quora sparked a wave of responses with users discussing their own experiences of dates who didn’t pay. One also provided advice for those in similar situations.

They wrote: “You are operating on grace and not law, but here is the position. First, you only owe for the food you ordered. Secondly, if you can’t pay even your portion, call the manager and explain the situation.

“Give them your contact information and what information you have for your date. They actually stole their portion. If you act responsibly like this, I can’t imagine the manager won’t work with you.”

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