Does Princess Charlene Have a Prenup With Prince Albert?

Princess Charlene’s life seems like a fairy tale. After a successful career as an Olympic swimmer, the princess of Monaco met and married Prince Albert. Although a lot of little girls dream of meeting a prince, marrying an actual prince isn’t as easy as it looks on TV. Just ask Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

Life in the public eye has its drawbacks. And a royal title comes with a long list of rules and regulations, which makes it harder to maintain privacy. Rumor has it that Princess Charlene and Prince Albert may be in the midst of a split.

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene spent $70 million on their wedding 

Couples divorce all the time. But few couples can claim a wedding similar to Charlene and Albert’s nuptials. Monaco is one of the richest countries in the world; the crown prince is among the wealthiest of its citizens. Prince Albert himself is worth more than $1 billion. Naturally, their royal wedding put all other famous matrimonies to shame.

In 2011, the two wed in a multiday affair that cost in the $70 million range. Now, 10 years later, things seem strained, as reported by the Express. Princess Charlene spends most of her time in South Africa, and the couple hasn’t been seen together in months. They have twins — a boy and girl born in 2014.

According to rampant rumors at the time of their marriage, Charlene didn’t actually want anything to do with her super expensive wedding. Despite the price tag, it was hardly a perfect day for the bride. Some sources claimed she tried to leave Monaco and was only lured back when officials promised she could leave the marriage after producing an heir. 

Princess Charlene wouldn’t be left destitute from a divorce

Princess Charlene’s twins are turning seven years old this year. If she was promised she could leave the marriage after producing an heir, she’s had more than enough time to do so. It seems like the princess decided to stay, possibly for financial reasons.

Most of Monaco is unimaginably rich. At least 30% of their population has a net worth of more than $1 million, and Princess Charlene is among them. Apparently, the princess’ independent net worth is somewhere around $150 million.

After all, the Olympic swimmer experienced a lot of success before meeting her husband. But that’s pennies in comparison to Prince Albert’s fortune. It could be that Charlene doesn’t want to give up the billionaire lifestyle, even if she gets to stay a millionaire. 

It is unclear whether Princess Charlene and Prince Albert have a prenup 

Most couples with high net worths have prenuptial agreements. Prince Albert and Princess Charlene are likely no exception. However, it is not known for sure if these two have a contract of this kind, or what its contents could be. Charlene may have signed away most of her rights, knowing she has her own fortune to fall back on. 

Before their wedding, officials reported that Prince Albert promised a decent divorce settlement if Charlene didn’t produce an heir. However, the couple was fortunate enough to have two children. Does that mean the proposed settlement would be even better? Or non-existent? Royal watchers may never know.

Princess Charlene seems to be living happily in her home in South Africa. With these two living separate lives, they may not feel the need to officially end the relationship. The princess has also done her part to dispel divorce rumors, dedicating a sweet Instagram post to her husband and children on their 10th wedding anniversary. 

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