Elon Musk Announces He Has Found a New CEO for Twitter

After months of searching, Elon Musk has finally announced that he has found the next CEO of Twitter. Taking to the social media platform, the tech mogul was excited to share with his fans that he has already hired her.

New York Times reports that Musk is in talks to hire Linda Yaccarino, who is the chair of global advertising and partnerships at NBCUniversal. According to the publication, the conversation is in “advanced stage” and that Yaccarino has been in talks with Musk for weeks. In Musk’s Tweet, he did not identify who he hired, simply stating, “she will be starting in ~6 weeks!” Musk also added that while he will no longer run the company, he will remain active and involved as executive chair and “CTO” to oversee Twitter’s product and software.

As the new CEO, Yaccarino will have her work cut out for her. She inherits the aftermath of Musk’s doing, namely the elimination of 75% of its 7,500 employees, as well as a litany of challenges that include a declining advertising business and debt payments. With advertising being a majority of Twitter’s revenues, Yaccarino brings her deep ties to the advertising industry to the tech company in hopes to see it regain its footing. Yaccarino comes with extensive experience over the course of her career in the media industry.

Neither Musk nor Yaccarino have responded to comments at the time.

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