Elvis Presley: How The King overcame his fear of flying according to Memphis Mafia members

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Back in 1956, after Heartbreak Hotel was a big hit, Elvis Presley took a flight with Scotty Moore and Bill Black to Nashville for a recording session. However, according to Scotty in his book Scotty and Elvis: Aboard the Mystery Train, it was a terrifying flight. First of all, the pilot had to make an emergency landing in Arkansas due to low fuel.

And when they eventually took off again, Scotty was in the co-pilot’s seat and was asked by him to hold the wheel while he looked for a map under the seat.

Scotty said he didn’t know how to fly a plane but was told to just hold it. Yet the moment he did, both engines “sputtered and quit”.

Elvis’ guitarist remembered: “Soon as that happened the pilot reached over and threw a switch, then took over the wheel.

“Both engines restarted, but it was enough to shake everybody a little bit … After we crossed the Mississippi River, we hit a bunch of turbulence.”

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