Euphoria Season 2 Is a Ways Off, So Just Enjoy Watching the Cast Crack Themselves Up On Set

If you’ve been suffering from Euphoria blues since the season-one finale, HBO knows exactly what you need. To soothe the restless spirits of heartbroken fans, the network dropped a blooper reel from the drama’s first season, and it’s full of our favorite actors just cracking themselves up! A little over two and a half minutes, the reel features the cast breaking character, breaking pieces of the set, getting distracted by anything and everything, and just being the hot messes we know and adore. It’s almost hard to remember how much we hate Nate when Jacob Elordi is making faces and getting told by Alexa Demie to “just be loose, b*tch!”

The cast had only just started officially working on season two when the COVID-19 pandemic halted production, and there’s no word on when they’ll be starting up again. Until then, we’ll comfort ourselves by replaying their reel and watching their funniest behind-the-scenes moments caught on camera. Considering how things left off in season one, it’ll probably the last time we see any of the characters happy for a while.

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