Food inspired baby names are the latest trend – here’s how to pick the best

After a new mum pranked the internet by claiming to have called her newborn Pakora, in honour of her favourite curry, we’re calling it: food baby names are set to be the next big trend.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin will forever go down in history for naming their first-born Apple, now 18, officially kicking off Hollywood’s love affair with off-centre name choices. But thanks to the boom in all things plant-based – and a spike in home-cooking during the pandemic – naming experts are predicting that more and more babies will end up with food themed monikers.

And as September is the most popular month for birthdays, we could see lots of mouth-watering names being added to the 2022 list.

SJ Strum, baby naming expert, YouTuber and host of podcast, Baby Name Envy, says she isn’t surprised that food themed names are gaining traction. SJ says: ‘One of the biggest global trends over the past two years has been plant-based foods, and a lifestyle trend for nature and simple living.

‘Cooking from scratch became popular during lockdown so a lot of couples now share a passion for cooking.

‘Baby names follow cultural shifts, so we’ve seen names like Sage, Rye and Juniper hitting the charts.’

When picking a name, SJ recommends making a nod to your favourite foods. She says: ‘Think about your favourite cuisines. For example, Madeleine is a sweet French cake or Frasier means strawberry in French. Nori is on our name charts for the first time, after the seaweed used in sushi.’

And for the less refined palette, SJ says you still have some options. She says: ‘Mack might be your vibe if you’re a fan of the Golden Arches, and Shepherd after the pie is a playful name. You can also try Coco or Saffron to evoke everyone’s favourite Pumpkin Spiced Latte.’

And SJ suggests her ‘Barista Test’ to find the cringe factor of a potential name. She says: ‘Give the name to the barista the next time you grab a coffee and see how you feel saying it out loud in public.

‘You might crave Candy, Brie or Chardonnay during pregnancy, but make sure it’s a name you really love. Being playful, unique and personal is the goal, but it has to be your child’s name forever.’  

SJ’s top foodie names

  • Herb
  • Rye
  • Baker
  • Sage
  • Brie
  • Honey
  • Basil
  • Clementine
  • Saffron

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