Four-metre crocodile spotted metres from shore at popular Australian beach

A large crocodile has been spotted in the shallow waters of a popular swimming and surfing beach in Queensland, Australia.

Local fisherman David Devine spotted the rare sight at Fernborough Beach in Yeppoon on Thursday morning.

He estimated the reptile was about four metres long.

“I just finished casting my line in when I noticed a log out in the ocean,” he told 7 News.

“I thought, ‘that’s strange’. I had a closer look and I actually saw it was a croc.

“Just to see a croc out in the wild was amazing. First time I’ve ever seen one out here.”

Devine said he watched the croc as it drifted in the water just metres from the shoreline for about five minutes.

There were no crocodile warnings at the beach, but local authorities have since installed temporary signs to warn beachgoers.

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