Google tech will write emails for you and theyll be emotional and persuasive

Google is rolling out new AI technology which will allow it to write emails for you.

Gmail’s ‘Help Me Write’ feature will be able to compose detailed emails with just a simple prompt, such as a letter to an airline demanding a refund for a cancelled flight.

Google is also launching a new AI feature called ‘Magic Editor’, which will allow users to make major changes to photos such as changing backgrounds to a blue sky and repositioning or removing people from snaps.

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It is also incorporating its new AI chatbot Bard into it search engine – which will throw up a question and answer based response instead of a list of links.

Google boss Sundar Pichai said the company was using the tech to ‘’radically’’ reimagine all its core products, adding: ‘’We are at an exciting inflection point.

“We are reimagining all our products, including search.”

The new email feature will incorporate details from previous emails, and also give the user the option to ‘’elaborate’’ – writing a longer persuasive and emotional message.

Google says the search engine should still be used for finding and seeking information, such as looking for something to buy or restaurants to go to.

The new system will only be available to a users who join a waiting list and is still in “experimental” phase.

It advises it is intended to be used for creative collaboration, such as generating software code or writing a caption for a photo.

The Bard-powered search engine feature will allow users to get tips on things like travel, recipes, restaurants to visit and shopping.

Google announced the new technology at its annual developer conference, where it also showcased a new phone that opens and closes like a book.

The company said it was removing the waiting list for Bard which can hold human-like conversations. Bard is currently being tested and is set to be available in 180 countries and several languages including English.

The sofware’s multilingual expansion will begin with Japanese and Korean before adding about 40 more languages.

Last year Google generated more than 220 billion US dollars in revenue.


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