Google’s made a change that impacts all Android users and some won’t like the sound of it

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Google has this week introduced a huge change to their Play Store marketplace which affects Android users around the world. After warning Android fans months ago about the update, the Google Play Store has now shut down the Play Music section. The Play Store redesign is all part of Google’s shift towards focusing on the YouTube Music service.

Earlier this week the Android Google Play Store app removed the ‘browse music’ option while the Play Store website has also closed down the Play Music tab.

On the Google Play Store app and website users are no longer able to purchase individuals MP3s.

Visitors to the Play Store website looking for the Play Music section are now directed to YouTube Music, and advised how to transfer their library.

A message on the site says: “The music store on Google Play is no longer available.

“To continue listening to your Play Music library, transfer your library to YouTube Music at You can also download your data via Google Takeout or delete your data through your Play Music account settings.”

The Play Music streaming service is also being shut down in 2020 as Google focuses their efforts on YouTube Music instead.

Google began closing down the Play Music streaming service in September with all access set to be removed by December.

To ensure you don’t lose any Google Play Music data make sure you use the Google Takeout service to transfer it over to YouTube Music.

Explaining how you do this Google advised…

You can transfer your data and purchased and uploaded music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music by following these steps:

• Visit and click Transfer (OR)

• Open the YouTube Music app > tap on your profile picture > Settings > Transfer from Google Play Music > Transfer from Google Play Music

You can download your GPM data and purchased and uploaded music using Google Takeout by following these steps:

• Head over to Google Takeout

• Check the box next to Google Play Music and then click Next step

• Select your choice of a delivery method, frequency and file type

• Click Create export

Google announced the Play Music shutdown back in August. Speaking at the time about the decision, Google said: “Over the past couple of months, we’ve been welcoming Google Play Music listeners to YouTube Music as they effortlessly transfer their music libraries, personal taste preferences and playlists to YouTube Music.

“Today we’re announcing two important updates. First, YouTube Music will replace Google Play Music by December 2020. Users will have the opportunity to transfer their music libraries from Google Play Music to YouTube Music in that timeframe.

“Second, in the coming months, Google Play Music users will no longer be able to stream from or use the Google Play Music app. Additionally, we are making changes to the Google Play store and Music Manager.

“Starting in September 2020 in New Zealand and South Africa — and in October for all other global markets — users will no longer be able to stream from or use the Google Play Music app.

“But don’t worry, we will be holding onto things like your playlists, uploads, purchases, likes and more until December 2020 to make your transfer to YouTube Music easier. Users who wish to transfer their music libraries from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, can do so through December 2020, after which their Google Play Music libraries will no longer be available.”

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