Harry Maguire yelled 'f*** the police, I do not give a s**t!' before pushing cop, says arresting officer

HARRY Maguire yelled "f**k the police, I don't give a s**t" before shoving a cop in the Mykonos brawl, an officer claims.

Explosive new allegations have been made against the Man Utd captain, 27, after he was last week convicted of a string of offences in a Greek court.

The arresting officer on the night the fight in Mykonos erupted claims Maguire launched into a foul-mouthed rant at cops as they tried to detain him.

A statement, printed in Greek media, alleges Maguire told cops: "F**k you all, f**k off, f**k the Greek police, f**k policeman, f**k Greece, f**k the Greek civilisation, I don't give a s**t".

The England ace is then said to have pushed officers along with brother Joe and friend Chris Sharman, who were found guilty alongside Maguire.

The statement adds: "[Maguire] attacked the sergeant…he pushed him away and kicked him in the right leg causing swelling of his left and right tibia.

"The third defendant [Joe] also attacked the above police officer hitting him in the face with his fists causing him to gently swelling of the upper right lip."

After they were taken to a police station, the officer claims the violence continued and Maguire "pushed hard and threw the sergeant to the ground".

The second attack left the cop with "abrasions on his right forearm, sciatica and right back pain", the statement says.

Once inside, Maguire is then said to have told police he could give them "as much money as they want" because "I am the captain of Manchester United".

Maguire was found guilty of repeated bodily harm, attempted bribery, violence against public employees and insulting behaviour.

But he denied throwing any punches and rubbished claims he tried to bribe the police with his lawyers lodging an appeal against his convictions.

The move nullifies the initial verdict and means there will be a retrial in a more senior court.

Emotional Maguire spoke out about the Mykonos horror on Thursday – claiming he was "scared for his life".

Breaking his silence, a defiant Harry told the BBC: "I did nothing wrong."

Maguire said plain clothes cops whacked him repeatedly and taunted him "your career is over, no more football, you won't play again".

"I thought we were getting kidnapped.

"We got down on our knees, we put our hands in the air, they just started hitting us.

"And at this point I thought there is no chance these are police or I don't know who they are so I tried to run away, I was in that much of a panic, fear, scared for my life. All the way through it."

But the minibus driver claimed in his statement the officers revealed they were police and showed identification to the group.

He also said Maguire and his pals were aware they were being taken by him to a police station.

The driver added: "Two of my clients, upon hearing this, started running on an adjacent road and some police officers chased them to catch them, but without success.

"The police returned to the courtyard and a few minutes later my two fugitive clients continued to remain on the public road outside the police station shouting something at the police."

Maguire claims two men approached his little sister Daisy, 20, in a bar – an event which pals have claimed sparked the fracas.

Voice breaking with emotion, he said: "My fiancee Fern saw her eyes going to the back of her head, she was fainting, going in and out of consciousness."

Maguire said he was trying to take her to hospital when he was arrested – and said he will not apologise for his actions.

"I don't feel like I owe an apology to anybody. An apology is something when you've done something wrong," he said.

Pals had claimed Maguire and his group — arrested last weekend — were given a “welcome” by up to eight men armed with batons when they arrived at a police station in Mykonos.

Authorities refused to allow medical evidence gathered by his legal team which detailed bruising he sustained.

Phone footage which showed Maguire’s pals confronting two Albanians who allegedly tried to inject his sister Daisy, 20, with a drug was also not allowed to be submitted.

Maguire is the most expensive defender in the football history having transferred from Leicester City to Man United for around £85million last season.

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