Here’s Exactly How Each Sign Should Find Love This Year, According To An Astrologer

At this particular junction in human history, everyone can probably agree that love isn’t all you need — but it’s certainly an added benefit to existing in an increasingly troubled world. Human connection and comfort of all varieties are crucial to personal happiness, and while finding romantic love shouldn’t always be your top priority, it’s always fun as hell when you do.

In the spirit of fostering as many warm, fuzzy feelings as possible, Elite Daily enlisted Leslie Hale, an expert astrologer from, the leading online platform for spiritual guidance, to break down how each sign should go about finding love this year — and what you can expect when and if you do. According to Hale, 2021 should be a pretty interesting ride on the love train, for some signs more than others.

“It’s a year of changes in many areas,” Hale tells Elite Daily. “This is going to include romance, and all kinds of intimate relationships. This is because Jupiter and Saturn have moved into Aquarius. Aquarius represents the 11th house, which is all about the collective. With Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius much of the year, friendship and community is going to matter more, even overshadowing love to a certain degree.”

Hale says that while we should focus on fortifying and growing our platonic, professional, and community relationships, there’s still plenty of astral energy left over for romantic love. If you’re single, recurring themes include long-term compatibility, communication, discernment in matters of the heart, and a healthy balance of both optimism and skepticism. In other words, it’s a good year for love that’s rooted in healthy foundations, and not getting carried away.

And if you’ve already got a partner, Hale notes that nurturing that special person is crucial, particularly after some hard months behind us and the long road ahead. Taking greater care to strengthen the relationships you’ve already built — through improved communication skills and extending gestures that show love — will fortify the connections that are going to go the distance. It might even be worth considering whether or not this relationship is one that’s going to last until the end.

It’s not all good news, though — then again, is it ever? Hale says some might need to rethink or re-assess romantic relationships, and tread carefully when things get sticky. “Past lovers may reappear and some relationships could end,” she says. “Commitment and practical considerations will be important at this time."

Phew. Just like last year, 2021 looks like it could be a doozy. To find out more about what to expect in love for your sign this year, check out Hale’s breakdown below. And for one-on-one guidance about love, relationships, and more, head over to for a personalized session with one of their experts.

Aries have been pounded over the last two-and-a-half years when it comes to love (aka, it’s been difficult). But now, Saturn has left Capricorn and moved into Aquarius, which is focused on friends, groups, and your personal hopes and wishes. Aries can gain a lot of connections this year and have a better-than-average chance of accomplishing their personal goals and desires — especially when it comes to relationships.

Additionally, Pluto is squaring Aries suns this year, and Pluto sun transits can be indicative of major life changes (many of which aren’t necessarily easy). But don’t fret: Pluto has a tendency to rebuild things in a bigger and better way. Relationships sometimes end with a transit like this. If so, know that it was meant to be. And if they survive the transit, then typically relationships become deeper.

Uranus is in Taurus over the next four years. If you’re a Taurus, chances are you’re going to make some major changes in your life. Don’t panic, but do brace yourself: It’s possible changes will simply occur, ready or not. Uranus is known as the planet of sudden and unexpected events, and often those events can be shocking. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, and is more of a reflection of your desire for freedom to do things your own way.

Some might experience a clearing away of things, people, and situations that have limited you in the past. Others might take a completely different course of action, like a lifestyle shift or change in partner. Taureans have an excellent chance of meeting someone significant through work, work associates, and family members, particularly during the second half of July 2021 and into mid-August.

For Gemini, this is an excellent time to meet new people and deepen any kind of an existing relationship. However, be cautious moving forward in love this year. Neptune is in a square to the sign Gemini, and Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion, and confusion. This can result in a lack of clarity, especially when it comes to acting on truth and reality. It could bring someone into your life that creates confusion and, in the end, can have a negative effect. Gemini needs to be careful with who they get involved with, and make sure they’re who they say they are.

Despite all precautions, Gemini should still do well in terms of love and romance, including the potential to reconnect with someone from your past. One of the best periods for Gemini to meet someone special is mid-September into October, as the planet of action, Mars, transits your house of love.

Cancer is another sign that’s had a rough time over the past few years, because both Saturn and Pluto have been opposing Cancer’s sun. For many, this has brought about a semi-chaotic variety in terms of relationships and partnerships. Many relationships have ended, and many have encountered major obstacles and struggles. But this year should be a lighter and happier year — and if you haven’t noticed this already, don’t worry, you will soon.

Neptune is also a player for Cancer this year, which will manifest in creativity, spirituality, and potentially finding someone who could seem perfect. All of that considered, Cancer can find love this year through spiritual pursuits, creative projects, friends, and groups, and maybe even travel.

Jupiter and Saturn are in Leo’s seventh house of committed relationships this year. This creates somewhat of a unique situation. During 2021 and 2022, Leos will experience Saturn’s opposition to their sun, bringing some challenges in relationships. Some of the manifestations of this could include breakups, or just generalized disenchantment with someone you used to love.

Fortunately for Leo, Jupiter (the planet of gain and expansion), is also in Leo’s seventh house this year along with Saturn. This indicates positive benefits in the realm of partners and marriage. If you’re already married, you could see a lot of strengthening and improvement to your partnership. If you’re single, you might meet someone you think is marriage material.

If a new relationship begins this year, then Jupiter in the seventh house should help balance this out, and the relationship stands a good chance of working out. Look for this to play out in February, June, and late December.

Over the last several years, Saturn and Pluto have actually benefited Virgo in terms of building and creating stability in relationships. Some Virgos, however, will experience a powerful force soon when it comes to meeting new partners.

Additionally, Neptune is a player for Virgo this year, and it’s known as the planet of illusion, delusion, and confusion. All of those born under the sign of Virgo will experience a sun-Neptune opposition between now and 2026. Neptune oppositions tend to operate through problems with others, especially partners and partnerships. One’s partner may not turn out to be the way they presented themselves. For Virgo, it’s important to scrutinize all important relationships, no matter how perfect they may seem.

A great time to meet significant others is July 22 through mid-August, when both Mars and Venus meet up in the sign of Virgo. This draws others to you, and you to them.

Like all the other cardinal signs, Libra has been under a great deal of stress over the past few years with Saturn and Pluto square to their sun. But this year, however, they might be the luckiest sign. In 2021, Saturn and Jupiter transits through Aquarius, changing the scenario for Libra and creating stability in relationships.

Jupiter is also in the fifth house of love for all Libras, which means others will be drawn to you. This only occurs once every 12 years, and it brings optimism, positivity, greater ease of living, joy from friends and children and, for single Libras, a great opportunity to meet someone of significance.

Scorpio can experience many ups and downs in terms of who their partners are this year. This can bring new people in and in current relationships, a certain level of changeability may occur. Old relationships might suddenly end, and new ones might appear. Be cautious, because not everyone Scorpio meets who seems significant will actually work out in the long run.

If a relationship does end in 2021, it’s important to know the ending was meant to be and that, chances are, within a very short period of time you will meet someone else you’re more compatible with. You should scrutinize anyone who comes into your life, either from a romantic or business perspective. They’ll probably come across as fascinating, clever, and unique, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll remain.

This is a year where outdated thinking patterns and habits could change for the better. Sagittarius attitude toward others in the world will be broadened and communication with others will be improved. Your plans for the future can become bigger and bolder.

Jupiter will be in harmony with the sun of everyone born under this sign. This represents a time when life will flow more easily and you can move in the direction you want with little resistance. Your relationships with others can improve, and you will enjoy being with friends.

This is a time to choose carefully — there can be a tendency toward wanting to save people from something, generally themselves. Hard Neptune transits like this typically call for some sort of sacrifice for someone else. You could get into a situation that ends up being draining and discouraging, so remember to take care of yourself and set proper boundaries.

Capricorn has had a really difficult time in love with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn over the last few years. But now, Saturn is moving away from your sun and you’re beginning a new period of recreation — which means love should get a whole lot easier.

Saturn will make a 90-degree angle with Uranus this year, and that will definitely affect your love life. This occurs three times, and could manifest in the areas of money, finance, love, and friends. Uranus and Taurus will transit Capricorn’s fifth house of friends, creativity, and love. This will be a positive time, with new experiences, sudden and unexpected benefit and gain, and the possibility of finding real love this year. For some, it can represent the birth of children. Be on the lookout for people different from what you’re accustomed to, as well as for a unique soul with a humanitarian streak.

Both Saturn and Jupiter have entered Aquarius, creating an interesting year for those born under this sign. Aquarius will work hard to reinvent themselves in some significant ways.

This can bring both difficulty and fulfillment, and it can be a time of great responsibility. Jupiter entered Aquarius on December 19 where it will remain for the next year, and this means Aquarians will spend the year feeling good and reaching a better sense of balance in their lives.

This is a start of a new 12-year cycle of growth and a time to expand your activities and create a broader life, including meeting new friends and love interests. You could experience a change in friendships as well as romantic relationships. You could also experience a more positive version of these events if you feel like you’ve been repressed in some way up until now. Some will go through a complete lifestyle change and love the freedom this brings — especially if that freedom means you’ll be opening the door to someone new.

Saturn is in the 12th house for Pisces this year, so if you’re born under this sign, you might experience moodiness, lots of emotion, and at times it all may seem a bit heavy. Over the next year, you may have difficulty finding answers to important questions in your life and you could do a great deal of soul searching. Eventually, you will figure out the answers to your most pressing concerns, but be patient — it may take awhile.

If Saturn makes things heavy or depressing for Pisces, Jupiter does its best to change Pisces energy to uplifting and positive. This year, Pisces can let go of negative habits and thought patterns, and open the door to creativity and positive communication. 2021 will bring about unusual opportunities and friendships, and you may find a romantic match through friends or neighbors.

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