Hotmail login: How to log into my old Hotmail account? How to access old email addresses

Users who have lost their Microsoft account password can use the security information to recover their Hotmail email account. However, particularly old Hotmail account, these security questions can easily have been forgotten.

Fortunately help is at hand with the Microsoft email account Recovery Form. is a free personal email service from Microsoft that doesn’t scan your email for the purpose of serving you ads


This Recovery Form is a tool providing additional information, meaning developer Microsoft can ensure you – and only you – regain access to your account.

It is important to note that Hotmail account users who have disabled two-step verification cannot use the recovery form.

Two-step verification is a recently-introduced security function preventing people from signing in without two forms of identification, regardless of how much information is known about their account.

How to log in to an old Hotmail account:

A working email account is required so Microsoft can provide information about your request.

Users can use any active email account, even one belonging to trusted friends or relatives.

Users who do cannot access another email account can alternatively create a temporary Outlook account for free by selecting Create One at the Microsoft account sign-in page.

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How to fill out a Hotmail Recovery Form:

Begin by visiting and enter your email address, phone number or username relating to the account you are attempting to access.

Next, provide an email address Microsoft can use to contact you concerning your request.

You will then be requested to enter the generated characters that appear on the screen proving you are not a bot.

A screen will then pop-up asking you to verify the contact email address.

Check this email for the security code, enter it, then select Verify.

Select Submit when you are finished, and Microsoft should respond within 24 hours.

How to find the Outlook Options menu:

The options menu has moved from its familiar place since the recent migration from Hotmail to Outlook.

The move to Outlook has made the experience of emailing easier to manage, although some users are still getting to grips with the new layout.

Begin by selecting the gear icon on the homepage’s top right-hand corner and clicking on More Mail Options.

This presents a comprehensive list of options to optimise and personalise your Outlook account.

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