How Joji Evolved from A YouTube Sensation To A Remarkable Musician

With a massive net worth of $8 million, Joji has proven that he has great amount of talent and creativity. Miller has began his career as an entertainer through his now defunct Youtube channels. The most popular among his YouTube channels which made him millions is TVFilthyFrank. The channel consisted of him performing rap songs, extreme challenges, playing ukulele and sometimes just ranting. The channel has a shock humor show with a title The Filthy Frank Show.

Born as George Kusunoki Miller, Joji is of Australian and Japanese descent. He was born on September 18, 1992 and is currently a singer, songwriter, comedian and YouTuber. After living in Japan for 18 years, he went to the United States. With his growing popularity, he made attempts to maintain his private life secured since he’s afraid of not being able to get a job along the road because of the nature of his content.

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He Made Millions Through His Defunct YouTube Channels

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Joji initially found success and fortune through his viral Youtube persona. He first used his Youtube channel to gain some audience to his music. However, what started off as a channel to release his music, ended with him playing different personas such as Pink Guy and Filthy Frank. These two characters are the most popular characters he’s ever made and has inspired numerous meme worthy moments that is still evergreen to this day.

Joji has been actively dedicating his time and effort from 2011 until 2017 to his Youtube career. With his hard work and creative mind, he was able to accumulate 13.1 million subscribers combined from all his channels. Due to his popularity, his videos were viewed over 2.4 billion times around the world. From his Youtube venture alone, Joji has estimated to have gained around $10 million. With this success, he felt that it is time to move on and try to do other ventures which made him decide to quit Youtube altogether in 2017. He stated that he has grown out of his character and that his humor had changed over time. He also thought that if he does not do this now then he will be stuck on doing Youtube contents his entire life which is not something he would want to do.

Finding His Way Back To Music

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When Joji first heard the song A Milli by Lil Wayne, he decided right there and then that he would love to create music as well. At the time he made an effort to recreate the beat of the song using GarageBand. He tried drum lessons for about a month and did not learn anything from it. He also tested playing the piano, guitar and ukulele however he thinks that he is not just good enough to play such musical instruments. He has always been making music but his Youtube channel succeeded first so he had to utilize that.

When he finally grown out of style to the content he is creating and decided to retire, the first thing he did was to look for ways to finally pursue music. After quitting Youtube, he decided to sign up with 88rising, a record label that supports artists of Asian descent. With an enormous support from his label, he finally was set to make and release the kind of music he always wanted to create.

Making Millions Through His Music

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When he quit his Youtube channels, he decided to make a comeback as a serious musician and has succeeded. He claims that music has always been his first love. Growing up, he has taught himself how to produce dope beats at a very young age. He once tried to promote his music through his Youtube channel but his comical characters just overshadowed it. From time to time, Joji is making comical music on the side with the use of his one persona, Pink Guy. He has dropped numerous bodies of work which even includes a full-length album with a title Pink Season which landed on the No. 70 on the Billboard 200.

As an effort to reinvent himself, he stopped releasing songs as Pink Guy the same time he quit his Youtube channels. He wants people to see his serious side which he also succeeded. He is creating music with a R&B genre. He had a massive success as an artist with his hit singles titled Yeah Right and Slow Dancing in the Dark selling 560,000 copies. His success did not stop there as his second album reached no.3 on the Billboard Album Chart and has charted in the top 5 for New Zealand, Australia and Canada. His music as Joji has also been streamed over half a billion times on Spotify. It was estimated that he earned about $2 million from his music.

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