How to grow spring onions in water and NEVER buy them again

Alan Titchmarsh offers tips for planting onion bulbs

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Spring onions mix well in many dishes, ranging from simple salads to omelettes and even butter. Gardeners usually cultivate them in fertile, drained soil, but they can also thrive elsewhere. People can grow them in water using nothing more than they might buy in a supermarket.

How to grow spring onions in water

Supermarkets sell spring onions with the bulbs and roots attached, which most people separate before cooking.

Budding gardeners should hang on to the

How to grow spring onions

se, however, as they can grow a whole new crop.

All they need is a glass of water and a little patience.

As a general rule, spring onions need a select portion of the bulb to grow.

The first thing growers need to do is make sure they cut back the white part so that at least one inch of it protrudes from the bulb.

People who push back further than this risk the plant not growing at all.

The onions should also have some roots growing from the bottom.

The longer the roots, the quicker they will likely grow.

Once prepared, onions should sit in a jar or cup of water covering just below the white part.

The jars will need to be see-through so growers can monitor root growth.

Visible growth should develop in a matter of days.

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Water will need changing every two to three days for healthy growth.

Without regular changes, the vital bulb may start to decay.

New shoots should develop in a week, with noticeable root growth around ten days.

People need to ensure their growing crops stay healthy.

The outer sheath (the green bit) will likely become slimy at some juncture.

When this happens, people need to peel off the outside leaves.

The onion’s roots will need to maintain a uniform length of around one inch, which may require trimming.

With these tips, people may never have to buy new spring onions.

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