How to refresh your fridge for summer

It’s time for a refrigerator refresh!

From home and kitchen organization experts to food bloggers, there are many smart solutions to spruce up the high-traffic appliance and with summer in full swing, it’s time to get your fridge in tip-top shape.

PHOTO: The Food Fix founder Heather Bauer organizes her refrigerator using bins and labels.

Brandi Crawford, a cookbook author and food blogger, shared her helpful tips with “Good Morning America” about how to organize items and keep the fridge fresh.

Clean out, create space, evaluate and zone

PHOTO: The Food Fix founder Heather Bauer reveals how an organized fridge can lead to healthy eating.

The first step is to take everything out of the fridge.

Take stock of what you have to keep and discard any spoiled items. Then clean all the surfaces and prepare to reorganize.

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Heather Bauer is a registered dietitian nutritionist and founder of The Food Fix.

How a nutritionist organizes her refrigerator for healthy eating

“Refreshing your fridge will save you so much money in the long run,” Crawford said.

Utilize drawers and bins properly

While every appliance is made different, Crawford suggested to take advantage of crisper drawers to keep produce at its peak.

PHOTO: The Food Fix founder Heather Bauer organizes condiments on the door of her refrigerator.

To help compartmentalize sections and shelves, choose a designated spot for each item category. For example, keeping condiments on the fridge door shelves creates an area with categories where nothing will fall into a crevice because everything has a home. Categorizing the food will help you remember what goes in which space.

Using clear organizing bins and drawers can also help save space and make it easier to slide items out versus fighting to topple over jars, containers and cans. Measure the interior shelves from back to front, as well as the width, and find an organization system that best fits the space.

Know what’s in your fridge to keep it fresh

Crawford suggested to “keep your greens at eye level so when you open up that fridge you can see that you have those on hand and incorporate them to your meals.”

She also shared a tip to “layer in paper towels with greens to help soak up extra moisture and keep them nice and fresh.”

“Make a shopping list and take inventory before going to the grocery store. It will help cut down on food waste and it’s much better for the environment,” Crawford said.

Choose versatile fresh foods for different meals

Some of Crawford’s must-haves this time of year include mixed greens, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, mushrooms, zucchini and avocado.

From smoothies and salads to stir-fry, Crawford keeps an array of ingredients that she knows will “get really good use.”

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