How to Sex Toy, Episode 3: Everything You Need to Know About Suction Vibrators

Well helllloooo there. Have you caught our third installment of How to Sex Toy yet? Cuz, uh, it’s a good one. This time around, our host and career sexpert Haylin Belay is here to unpack everything there is to know about buying a suction vibe, whether it’s your first or you’re just looking to upgrade.

The supes popular variety of vibrator has a cult following for a reason; designed to perfectly stimulate the clit with, yes, suction, they’re so effective that some people (Heylin included!) actually don’t love ‘em at first because they make them orgasm too quickly. But, as with many kinds of toys, there’s a variety out there that’s right for just about anyone.

One thing to note: Suction toys can be a little on the pricey side. $150, Haylin says, is a *good* deal for one. Which…we know, we know! But remember what we just said about the whole instant orgasm thing? So…yeah. There’s that to think about.

And there are cheaper versions out there, for sure, like one $50 model in this vid. The major difference you’ll see, as Haylin explains, is in the quality of the motor. More expensive = higher quality motor = more intense action. Cheaper = a motor that’s not as strong and maybe won’t last as long.

If you are looking to spend the big bucks, though (go big or go home? Or maybe go big…at home?), there are some jazzed-up versions of suction vibes that’ll be just the thing. Think: Waterproof models for use in the shower or bath, and even luxe versions with pieces designed for penetration at the same time you’re using the suction element. Seriously, that are so. many. Kinds. (P.S. Those waterproof ones are pretty fantastic, especially because using one of these underwater creates a seal around the suction area…you’ll just have to watch to hear her explain it!)

So, yes, the sheer number of options can be totally overwhelming! The good news is that we’ve got tips here not just on how to find the right one for you, but on how to test it out in-store if you so choose (with just your hand, obviously, but there’s a ~technique~ to it), and how to actually put it to use, whether you want to minimize the power for less direct pressure to the clitoris or if you’re like, “give it alllll to me.”

Here are the suction vibe picks Haylin talks through in the video, so you can shop ‘em for yourself!

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