How to stop wasting electricity and save money on your energy bills during lockdown – The Sun

OUR electricity bills are all soaring as people spend more time at home.

Household usage is up on average 38 per cent compared to this time last year, finance site says.

Here, I have tips to cut out waste and save money . . .

  • Lights: You can save up to £100 a year by swapping your old bulbs for the more modern, energy-saving LED ones. They cost a fair bit more but will pay for themselves over a few years — and did you know you can now stock up on them at Poundland? Meanwhile, turning off unused lights around the house can cut your bill by around £13 a year.
  • Chargers: Most phones and tablets take just two hours to charge. But many of us leave them plugged in overnight, which continues to draw power.
    It costs roughly one penny to leave a phone on charge overnight and slightly more for a tablet. But the soaring number of devices costs the average household £33 a year in electricity.
    It pays to keep an eye on what devices are charging and to unplug ones that are fully topped up, especially before going to bed.
  • Standby mode: Stop leaving items on standby. Instead, switch them off fully and you could save around £30 per year. TVs and game consoles are the most important to check.
  • Kettle: If you are like me, you are making more cups of tea than usual at the moment. But you can save by boiling only what water you need — and not wandering off and forgetting the kettle, so you have to re-boil.
    It costs on average 2.5 pence to boil a kettle and if you do three a day, that is more than £27 over the year. I would rather buy something nice for myself with that money.
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