I am still haunted by my miscarriage trauma a year on – I am so heartbroken

DEAR DEIDRE: IT’S been one year since I lost my baby and I haven’t been able to move on.

I was 18 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend had recently left me for a former girlfriend because he couldn’t cope when he found out I was expecting.

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I’ve also got a three-year-old child from a previous relationship. I’m 25 and my ex-partner is 29.

When I started losing the baby, I had to drop my little boy at my mum’s and go into hospital alone.

The experience was the worst of my entire life. Nobody seems to understand how heartbroken I am.

And because I’m a mum already, I’m expected to move on easily.

I keep thinking about hearing my baby’s heartbeat.

DEIDRE SAYS: Losing a baby in pregnancy is really tough, made all the more difficult by the pandemic restrictions, as you will not have been able to get the same support from family and friends.

Don’t bottle things up but talk to your family about your feelings and if they offer to help you in any way, grab it with both hands.

You can get emotional some support from the Miscarriage Association, (miscarriageassociation.org.uk, 01924 200 799).

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