I have cheated on my partner with girls and boys and feel so mixed up

DEAR DEIDRE: I’VE been cheating on my girlfriend with girls and boys.

I’m an 18-year-old girl and have found women attractive since I was 13.

For the last two years, I’ve been seeing someone my age, and I do care about her.

But I’ve also kissed a few other girls, and then I slept with a boy, 19, at a party – which made me hate myself.

I think I like him and we have a connection.

I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to hurt my girlfriend. Am I bisexual?

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DEAR DEIDRE: You seem confused about your relationship and sexuality.

That’s OK – labels aren’t helpful.

But things aren’t right with your girlfriend or you wouldn’t keep cheating.

Perhaps the kindest thing is to end it and just be friends.

Don’t rush into anything with this boy. Give yourself time alone to get to know yourself better.

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