I was bullied into shaving armpit after 6 years of growth – I lost confidence

An OnlyFans model has revealed how weight gain has made her feel less desirable.

Fenella Fox, 29, from Bristol, has become known for embracing her all-natural looks and gained followers thanks to her decision to stop shaving.

Recently she picked up the razor for the first time in six years – and she felt bullied into doing so.

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She exclusively told the Daily Star: “I think after being unwell the last few years I’ve become much more sensitive to my comments.

“I feel I have lost my self-confidence and no longer read 'you’re beautiful' with an inner 'I know' it’s more now like an inner 'whatever'.

“I actually had a model mention to me earlier this year the difference between body hair on a thin person vs a fat person. She didn’t want to grow out her body hair until she was thin because the perception is so much worse on a larger woman.

“I have gained a lot of weight during my illness so that also sunk in. People view me as disgusting more so now that I am larger!”

What started out as her only shaving her underarms has now extended to her shaving everywhere, including her legs, toes and stomach.

This decision was in response to men online constantly calling her disgusting and dirty and leaving vomit emojis on her photos and videos.

For a while, she learnt not to care about comments because she was confident she wasn’t doing anything wrong.

Fenella would sometimes laugh at people’s reactions but over time, these negative responses began to grate on her.

She added: "It has become especially hard to deal with as I have gained weight and I have definitely lost my self-confidence.”

Fenella thinks most women don’t enjoy regularly shaving or removing body hair but are felt pressured to do so.

For years the brunette beauty had resisted this pressure but was sick of being fetishised and judged by strangers.

“I think men will find me more attractive and less intimidating with shaved hair. I also think people will pre-judge me less,” she said.

“I actually had a strange experience where I was bullied by an adult British woman on a group holiday tour I went on. I know she judged me on a few things – my natural look and my lack of interest in drinking.

“On the last evening, I dressed up, had wine and told her I did porn. She was completely shocked and I could tell she had totally misjudged me!

“I’m very interested to see how I’m treated shaved – although it grows super fast it is going to take a lot to keep it down!”

One of Fenella’s main hopes is that in her lifetime, the pressure on women to shave everything will be removed.

She added: “I don’t want to be fetishised and hated on anymore over such a natural part of being.”


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