Idina Menzel Launches ‘Idina’s Treehouse’ Kids’ Show on YouTube

Fresh from taking over family home entertainment centers for yet another holiday season with her vocal appearances in the “Frozen” films, Idina Menzel is un-animating herself with a new web show aimed at kids and parents, “Idina’s Treehouse,” which premiered Monday morning on her YouTube channel.

Technically, the iPhone-shot series takes place in her son’s treehouse, in a very un-Arendelle location, where the Tony- and Grammy-winning winning actor will share songs and stories aimed at the younger part of her fan base.

“Just something I started working on during quarantine,” Menzel said in a statement. “Hope you all like it. In search of a little peace and quiet during lockdown and stressful homeschooling, I took refuge in my son Walker’s treehouse. Started talking and singing to myself. Delirium? Stir crazy? Mother gone mad? I offer up myself for your children’s amusement.”

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The casual iPhone-ness of the show doesn’t necessarily bely all the big names involved, as Scooter Braun’s SB Projects is behind the series. Producers credited include Loudmouth Media; Braun, Scott Manson and James Shin on behalf of SB Projects; and Jeff “Swampy” Marsh on behalf of Surfer Jack Studios, a company founded by three of the principles from “Phineas & Ferb.”

Menzel most recently wrapped up work on a live-action “Cinderella” musical (unrelated to the Rodgers & Hammerstein stage/TVmusical), playing the stepmother to Camilla Cabello’s title character, with a cast that also includes Billy Porter, Pierce Brosnan, Missy Elliott and producer James Corden. For Disney, Menzel and her sister, Cara, are cowriting a children’s book.

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