I'm lucky if my boyfriend and I have sex more than once every three months

DEAR DEIDRE: I’M lucky if my boyfriend and I get down to it more than once every three months.

I have a high sex drive but he shrugs me off if I try to initiate sex, making excuse after excuse.

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We are both 33 and have been a couple for ten years.

We plan to marry next year but I don’t want to commit to a lifetime of frustration and rows.

It feels like he is bored with me.

There is no intimacy, no kissing, no cuddling.

DEIDRE SAYS: Something is very wrong and you have to insist on a calm but serious talk to get to the bottom of the problem, rather than have a row when he turns you down yet again.

Say your relationship can’t survive like this.

Explain that you are willing to work with him to resolve the problem but you will have to walk away if he is not ready to engage and change.

My e-leaflet on Reviving A Man’s Sex Drive can help you get talking.

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