iPhone model number explained by TikTok video stopping you get scammed

A popular TikTok video is helping iPhone users discover the meaning behind their gadget’s model number.

Decoding the number – buried in your iPhone’s settings menu – will let users understand whether they’ve been sold a new or refurbished phone.

It also reveals the country that particular iPhone was designed to be sold in.

Life hack TikTok creator @kaansanity posted the video, which has netted over 850,000 likes.

He says that understanding the model number can help unwitting customers from getting scammed, cautioning: ‘watch this before you get a new iPhone.’

The model number for your iPhone can be found by opening up the Settings menu and tapping ‘About.’

Scroll down to find the model number and if it starts with M that stands for ‘New’ while F stands for ‘Refurbished’. The video also states on screen that the letter P stands for Personalised and the letter N stands for Replacement.

Similarly, you’ll want to look at the letters before the / symbol in your Model Number. This tells you the correct country for the phone.

The letters LL stand for USA and the letter B stands for the UK and Ireland. While CH stands for China.

Creator @kaansanity continued: ‘The letters at the end tell you where the phone was supposed to be sold.

‘Share this with your friends so you don’t get scammed.’

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Although an iPhone will generally work around the globe, there may be some regional restrictions. FaceTime, for example, doesn’t work in the UAE.

But more to the point, if you ever just wondered what those model numbers refer to, now you know.

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