Kenosha Journalist Arrested for Telling Cop He Has a 'Little D–k'

“At this point, you’re just showing all of us how little your dick is.” — “You’re under arrest.”

Police arrested a journalist in Kenosha after she made a disparaging comment on the size of his privates.

A two-person crew of independent reporters were filming the quiet of the curfew after nights of intense protests and rioting in the Wisconsin City, in the wake of the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

But when a trio of officers intercepted the CJTV colleagues, telling them they were not permitted to be out after curfew, the female reporter started recording.

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As her phone records from the ground, one of the masked officers orders her to pick up her belongings and start walking, or she will be arrested.

Off camera, her colleague can be heard reasoning with the other two officers, trying to tell them they are journalists and are working.

“You’re putting us in a f–king difficult position every time: just don’t be out here after curfew and we wont have to deal with it,” one voice, apparently an officer, tells him.

“There’s nothing to report anyways,” another chimes in.

“And that’s what we were trying to show…” the cameraman reasons.

“Well how long does it take?” the officer retorts.

At this point, the female reporter has conceded defeat and begins picking up her stuff to leave.

“Ma’am, keep walking,” the cop tells her, shepherding her away. “Goodbye.”

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“I’m going, don’t touch me, don’t touch me,” she tells him as she reluctantly obeys his orders. “I’m walking, you don’t need to touch me.”

With her back turned and walking away, she adds, half to herself: “At this point, you’re just showing all of us how little your dick is. I’m out.”

But a voice comes from behind: “You’re under arrest.”

“For what?” she asks.

“Disorderly conduct and curfew,” he tells her.

“I haven’t done anything! I’m not doing anything,” she protests as she is marched back to the police car. “It feels like you were waiting for this.”

“Put your phone down ma’am, you’re under arrest,” he orders, as the phone falls to the ground.

Over the sound of the handcuffs clicking into place, a voice can be heard telling the prisoner: “You were being a child.”

TooFab has reached out to Kenosha PD for comment.

Unrest has gripped the city since August 23, when 29-year-old Jacob Blake was left paralyzed after being shot in the back seven times while walking away from a police officer.

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