Last day for KFC fans to get 50% off popcorn chicken meals

IT's the last day KFC fans can get half price popcorn chicken as part of a January sale.

The deal reduces the price of one regular popcorn chicken meal to £2.15 instead of £4.29.

It’s part of a 50% off January sale, which was first launched by KFC earlier this month.

Popcorn chicken is bite-size pieces of meat that have been breaded and fried.

As the deal is for a popcorn chicken meal, you’ll also get fries and a drink.

But keep in mind that prices will vary depending on your location, although you’ll still pay only 50% of the usual cost.

What can you get for half price in the KFC January sale?

WE’VE rounded up what you can get for half price in KFC’s January deal:

From January 4 until the 10, you could have got:

  • Twister Fillet Wrap for £1.99
  • Twister Zinger Wrap for £1.99

From January 11 until the 17, the price of Tower Burger meals and Zinger Tower meals were reduced to £2.80 down from £5.59. The options were:

  • The Fillet Tower Burger Meal, which includes a drink, regular fries and a chicken breast fillet burger topped with a hashbrown, cheese and ketchup
  • The Zinger Tower Meal, which includes a drink, regular fries and a Zinger fillet burger topped with a hashbrown, cheese and salsa

From January 18 and up until the 24 you could get:

  • The regular Popcorn Chicken Meal for £2.15, down from £4.29

According to hotukdeals, from January 25 until the 31, you can get:

  • KFC Vegan Burger for £1.98, down from £3.99

We're waiting for KFC to confirm the KFC vegan burger meal and we'll update this story once we get a response.

You should also note that a regular popcorn chicken packs 285 calories – although KFC doesn't say how many pieces of chicken you get.

To get the deal, which is valid until the end of the day (January 24), you'll need to download the KFC app.

The app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

After you've signed up, which is also free to do, you'll see the 50% popcorn chicken deal under the "offers and rewards" section of the app.

To use the offers, show your app so staff can scan the code at stores and drive-thrus.

It isn't applicable on delivery orders.

The KFC January sale has seen other meals discounted too. 

For example, from January 4 to January 10, you could get a Twister Fillet Wrap or Zinger Fillet Wrap for just £1.99 instead of £4 each.

Then last week, fans could get Fillet Tower burger and Zinger Tower burger meals for £2.80 instead of £5.59.

According to hotukdeals, KFC customers will be able to get a vegan burger for £1.98 instead of £3.99 from January 25 until January 31.

We've asked KFC to confirm the vegan burger deal and we’ll update this article when we know more.

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