Lauren Zima's Net Worth Can't Compare to Chris Harrison's

Though they’re not technically a “Bachelor couple”, Lauren Zima and Chris Harrison certainly have a lot of support within Bachelor Nation. The long-time host of The Bachelor franchise and the Entertainment Tonight host have been dating for over two years now. And just like couples who are actually in the franchise, fans are constantly pressuring them to tie the knot. The couple has quite a bit in common, having both made a living through being on TV. But although they are both wealthy, Harrison’s net worth is significantly more than Zima’s.

How did Chris Harrison and Lauren Zima meet?

Though Zima and Harrison have been dating since 2019, their relationship stretches back further than that. As Zima was often the go-to host to interview those within The Bachelor franchise, the pair had quite a few run-ins with each other. According to Zima, their relationship had always been a professional one. But after she felt the a shift in the vibe one day, she decided to shoot her shot and slid into Harrison’s DMs.

“Oh, I DM’d him,” Zima shared when asked how she and Harrison started dating on The Viall Files.  “I will say, I DM’d after a bit of a vibe.” Continuing on she described the shift in energy. “He just gave me a different vibe. It was fairly overt. He mentioned something about picking his kids up or something. He somehow brought up being single, I think. And then I said something like, ‘I’m single now,’ and he was like, ‘Oh.’ But I said it in a more eloquent way. God, I don’t know. Somehow it was communicated…I opened the door and he walked through.”

What is the host’s net worth in comparison to ‘The Bachelor’ host

Will Harrison and Zima get engaged or married?

Only time will tell if Zima and Harrison choose to combine their wealth by getting married. But no matter what decisions they make, its likely that nobody is struggling to foot the bill in their relationship.

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