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HAVE you spent the last few months in loungewear?

One perk of lockdown and working from home is being able to slouch about in comfy clothes.

But if your favourite comfies now feel a little worn, you can give them a new lease of life on the cheap.

I spoke to Deyan Dimitrov, CEO of service-wash firm Laundryheap, who gave me his tips on keeping loungewear as soft and cosy as when you bought it . . .

DASH OF VINEGAR: Deyan says: “Adding half a cup of white vinegar to your washing machine rinse cycle, to dissolve detergent, will help keep your clothes nice and fluffy, as the vinegar is great at dissolving washing powder and softening hard water.

“It’s a cheaper alternative to fabric softener — and the smell of vinegar goes as your clothes dry.”

TUMBLE-DRY IS BEST: For a fluffier finish, it is best to avoid air-drying, as this can leave clothes stiff and scratchy.

Deyan says: “Putting your clothes in the tumble-dryer will help you avoid that itchy feeling and fluff up the fibres, making your loungewear much softer in comparison to air-drying. To keep this energy-efficient, put your machine on the low-heat setting — and only do this for your loungewear.”

WASH AT 4OC: Save your clothes — and some cash — by washing at lower temperatures. Deyan says: “Washing at a high heat is not ideal if you want to keep your fabrics soft and fluffy."

"If worried about germs, always use a fabric-safe disinfectant in the rinse cycle. Ideally, you want to wash your loungewear at or below 40C.”

BE PATIENT: If you do prefer to hang your washing on the line or want to avoid using the tumble dryer, make sure clothes dry completely before you bring them in. Deyan says: “Partially damp clothes will become stiff and may start to smell.”

He adds: “If drying your clothes indoors, avoid the radiator and opt for a diffuser with a clothing setting. This will help you to avoid ruining your clothes by exposure to high heat, which will result in dry, scratchy fabric.”

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RUTH KEMP, from Welwyn Garden City, Herts, says: “Use cheap toothpaste as a general cleaner to get stains off cups, around the sink or toilet bowl. Just leave for about ten minutes then buff to a shine.”

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