Lifestyle Guru Joy Cho Shares Her Mom Essentials — Including Nars Orgasm Because Obviously

If you’ve walked down a Target aisle, bought a toy for your pup at Petco, or sported a Calpak suitcase, it’d be nearly impossible to not see the name Joy Cho at the store. The founder and creative director of her namesake lifestyle brand, Oh Joy!, is the queen of colorful collaborations with all your favorite brands, and that’s just a small fraction of her multifaceted business.

Cho launched Oh Joy! in 2005 as a graphic design studio and has now expanded into a lifestyle brand that includes her blog and licensed products such as home decor, furniture, pet accessories, and kids’ products with brands from Erin Condren to Band-Aid. To add to her already extensive, rainbow-colored resume, she has a children’s book out this week, Be Curious!, that’s sure to put a smile on your kid’s face.

Cho lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two girls, and in case you’ve been following her for the past year and half or so on Instagram, you’ll know that she’s been in the very long process of building a home that is finally coming to an end. The work-in-progress pics will add a splash of happiness to your day (think adorable kids in construction hats and dreamy color palettes), so we can hardly wait for the much-anticipated reveal. We’ll let the terrazzo flooring detail shot speak for itself…

Basically anything Cho touches turns into gold — or should we say confetti? — so her must-have finds below are nothing short of fabulous.

The podcast I’m listening to right now

“My friends at A Beautiful Mess started a podcast this year that’s a mix of lifestyle content from home decor to business to DIY. It’s a lovely extension of their long-time blog, and it’s a fun Monday ritual for me to listen to.”

The children’s book our family reads on repeat

“I actually have a new kid’s book called Be Curious! that just came out. Written by me and illustrated by Angie Stalker, it follows a curious cat and encourages exploration and curiosity in your everyday adventures. The book is written for ages 0 to 3, for parents to read to their babies and toddlers. But it’s also the perfect level of reading for early readers from 4 to 6, who are practicing reading themselves! So my kids are loving it right now!”

The books I’m currently reading myself

“I’m currently reading Jen Gotch’s The Upside of Being Down and Get Out of Your Own Way by Dave Hollis. Most of the books I read are self-help in some way…usually business, parenting, or general betterment-of-myself-type stuff!”

The snack I always have on hand for the kids

“The apple chips from Sisters Fruit Company are the best I have ever had. They are thin and crispy and a great snack when you need something not too heavy or too sweet!”

The beauty product I never leave the house without

“An oldie but a goodie — Nars Orgasm blush is my go-to if I can’t add anything else to my face, that’s the one thing that keeps me looking awake!”

My favorite parenting-related Instagram accounts to follow

“I love @lauraiz because she’s fun, funny, and relatable. Plus, she has two girls like me.”

The toy my kids can’t stop playing with

“My kids love Plus-Plus. We recently did a (now sold out) collaboration with them but the pieces are just the best. It keeps them busy for hours and was a great thing to bring out to restaurants while we waited for food (which I can’t wait to get back to someday!)”

The underrated children’s brand I’ve recently discovered

“For great jackets and overalls, I love Hey Gang based out of Austin.”

The clothing brand that helps make my mom uniform

“I love Sonnet James for comfy and chic pieces you can wear and play with your kids in. Also, Whit NY is a favorite for work and life!”

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