Logan Thirtyacre, YouTube star, shells out $800K for Tom Brady auction package

The wallet of Tom Brady’s biggest fan is a little lighter this morning.

On Tuesday, it was revealed YouTuber Logan Thirtyacre had scored the quarterback’s “All In Challenge” package for $800,000, with the 25-year-old telling TMZ he was prepared to up the offer if need be.

“I thought it was going to go into the millions, to be honest with you,” Thirtyacre told the outlet, noting he “probably would have stopped at $2 million.”

A longtime football fan, Thirtyacre — whose cartoon Jeffy is seen by 8.61 million subscribers on the SuperMarioLogan channel — will receive tickets to Brady’s Buccaneers home opener, in addition to the 42-year-old quarterback’s game-worn jersey and cleats.

He will also have the choice of dinner or a private workout with Brady.


“I can’t wait to meet him, have a good time, hopefully, he wins the game that I go to,” Thirtyacre said from his Brady-dedicated room.

TMZ also confirmed Tuesday that Thirtyacre has made the full payment.

“I just can’t wait to hang out with him,” he said.

Thirtyacre has posted about his Brady pride in the past, sharing throwback snaps in March from the six-time Super Bowl champ’s final game as a Patriot.

“Throwback to when we went to Tom Brady’s last game as a Patriot! #SheIsSoBeautiful #BuccaneersFanNow #PatriotsWho?,” he wrote on Instagram.

In addition to Brady, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, among others, have participated in the “All In Challenge,” which helps provide food to those in need amid the coronavirus crisis.

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