Lonely hearts share hilarious Tinder profile descriptions

That’ll get them to swipe right! Singletons share the VERY creative profiles they use to stand out on Tinder – including a lesbian who needs a ‘boyfriend’ to introduce to her mother

  • Singletons have shared the hilarious Tinder profiles they have encountered 
  • One bus driver bragged about his ‘corner office’ in tongue-in-cheek description 
  • Couple said were exclusively looking for people who wanted to play Monopoly 

It can be difficult to stand out on a dating app – but these Tinder users can show you how its done. 

Singletons from around the world have shared the hilarious profiles that caught their attention while swiping through the dating app and the best examples have been collated in a Bored Panda gallery. 

One woman said she wanted to sleep with three men while still in her 20s in order to recreate the plot of the musical Mamma Mia. 

Meanwhile a 38-year-old woman tried to catch they eye of men over 35 by saying they didn’t need a girlfriend who is young – they need one who can recognise ‘signs of a stroke’.    

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the best… 

People from all over the world have been sharing the funny descriptions they came across on Tinder profiles. This woman joked about the famous pick up line ‘did it hurt when you fell from heaven’ 

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This woman came up with a brutally honest bio telling men over 35 to look for women who could recognise the signs of a stroke 

A dater named Marco joked people would scream ‘Polo’ when his mother would call his name in the supermarket 

One US police officer wearing her uniform in her picture said it was her matches’ chance to ‘f*** the police’ 

A 24-year-old singleton, believed to be from the US, kept his eyes on the prize when he said he was looking for a friends with benefits and then clarified he meant healthcare 

A 21-year-old Florida woman said she needed to have sex with several men and to get pregnant, in a reference to the musical Mamma Mia, where a girl has three potential fathers 

A man who presented himself as a ‘finance executive’  and bragged about he was ‘paid to travel’ revealed he was a bus driver in a tongue-in-cheek joke 

A soldier from Mesa, Arizona, joked he was looking to buy tools off a scorned wife

A woman who had a girlfriend but couldn’t come out to her mother said she was looking for men to pretend they were her imaginary boyfriend, named Ethan 

A playful couple said they were exclusively looking for people who wanted to play Monopoly with them 

One woman was brutally honest about the men she had been dating through apps, including one who robbed her, another who stalked her, and one who was married 

An US-based man named Tanner came up with a clever pun on tan using his first name for his description  

One man tried to woo his potential conquests by joking he got a B+ in his human sexuality class at college 

Garry, 32, was honest with himself and wrote he knew his girlfriend would like his dog more than him

One man from India said he wasn’t looking for nudes, but wanted to see pictures of people reading to know they were intelligent 

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