Man scoops lottery jackpot but doesn’t claim his winning until a year later

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For most of us, a huge lottery win would spark almost instant spending.

There wouldn't be much thinking involved, and the first stop would probably be the travel agent.

But one man scooped a huge prize back in 2019 – and has only just asked for his winnings.

The Canadian said he was in no rush to collect his near $200,000 (£144,299) windfall after his numbers came up last year.

John Michalski, of Gladstone, Manitoba, couldn't believe his luck last December when he secured the life-changing haul.

Like most of us, the jackpot – well over £150,000 – was going to come in rather handy.

But it didn't seem to be burning a hole in his pocket and he waited almost an entire year to visit lottery headquarters.

He revealed he didn't go and get the money for 12 months because he wanted time to consider how to spend it.

But it appears he still doesn't know what he wants to do with his cash.

"I wanted to sit back and think," the calm man said after finally going to get his hands on the massive cheque.

"I'm not in a rush to get the money so I didn't go and get it."

When asked about his plans for the $196,165 (£144,299), the lucky winner said: "I'm still thinking. I'm going slow!"

And just last week, a National Lottery winner scooped a £3.8 million jackpot in the UK.

The winning numbers from last Saturday were: 13, 49, 38, 39, 53, 56 and the bonus number was 59.

Players were urged to check their tickets immediately.

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