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Mcdonald's has released a video showing why deliveries are taking longer to arrive at the moment, after it reopened 15 restaurants this week.

Screens to protect staff, temperature checks, regular hand washing and card-only payments are among the measures it has introduced.

The company temporarily closed all of its 1,350 restaurants on March 23, due to the coronavirus outbreak.

On Thursday it reopened 13 locations, for delivery only, and 40 of its drive-thru branches are set to reopen on May 20, with 900 to follow in June.

Now it has explained why deliveries are taking longer than normal.

"We're on our way back slowly but surely.

"Things may be a little different for a while but our priority is looking out for you, our teams, and our partners," states a video detailing the changes it's made as it thanks customers for their patience.

These include safety measures to protect staff, customers, and delivery partners such as perspex screens, more regular cleaning, facial coverings and hand sanitiser for staff, and contact-free deliveries.

It has also reduced its menu, offering Happy Meals, Big Macs, and McNuggets but there are no breakfast items.

Customers can only spend up to £25 when ordering delivery and must pay with card when drive thrus reopen.

Before it closed its doors, some changes had already been made to restaurants and it was only allowing takeaway and drive-thru orders.

Seating and children's play areas had also been closed off while sticky tape was used to mark out where people could stand in order to maintain a safe distance apart.

New safety measures at McDonald's

Mcdonald's has made a number of changes after reopening some restaurants this week for delivery.

These include changing opening times. Mcdonald's branches are now open from 11am to 10pm every day of the week.

Previously opening times had varied depending on the branch but some had been open 24 hours.

Additional perspex screens have been put into kitchen and service areas to limit the amount of contact staff have with each other and to help them social distance from one another.

At the moment only 13 restaurants are reopen but more are set to reopen and before this happens it says all restaurants are being deep cleaned.

Temperature checks are being performed on members of staff every day before they start work.

What changes have been made to Mcdonalds restaurants?

MCDONALD'S has explained in a new video the ways in which it has changed how restaurants operate, following the re-opening of 15 branches on May 13.

It has introduced a number of measures to protect staff, customers and delivery drivers.

Here's what's happened:

  • Opening times have changed to 11am to 10pm every day
  • Food is only avaialble for delivery
  • There is a £25 limit on orders
  • Perspex screens have been put into kitchens and service areas
  • Temperature checks are being made on staff
  • Restuarants are being deep cleaned before reopening
  • Face coverings are being given to staff
  • Staff must wash their hands at least every 30 minutes
  • Hand sanitiser is available for staff and delivery drivers
  • Deliveries are now contact free
  • Screens are being installed at drive-thru windows
  • Equipment is being cleaned regularly
  • All surfaces are also being cleaneed regularly

Staff working at the restaurants are being given protective equipment including face coverings.

They are now required to wash their hands at least every 30 minutes, and hand sanitiser is being provided for staff and delivery drivers.

From pick up to drop off, delivery is now contact free and screens have been installed at drive-thru windows, in preparation for them to reopen next week.

Customers can now only pay by card, to a limit of £25, which doesn't include delivery fees.

And all equipment in the branches, such as machines for paying by card, and all surfaces are also being cleaned more regularly.

It follows fast-food chicken chain, KFC, which reopened some of its restaurants for delivery last month.

Pret a Manger has also reopened some of its restaurants for takeaway and delivery only.

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