Melania Trump body language shows key ‘turning point’ in relationship with Donald

Melania Trump became the US First Lady when Donald Trump was inaugurated in 2017. Her body language has changed during this time and an expert revealed a key turning point in the White House.


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Before Donald became President, the couple were already used to the limelight.

Melania’s former career as a model and Donald’s success in business and as a television personality meant they had already attracted attention over the years.

However, Melania appeared to change when she became First Lady, body language expert Judi James told

She said: “Melania’s first few months in the White House involved some very low-key and low-status posing and body language signalling.

“Trump adopted an entrepreneurial approach to power rather than a presidential one, which seemed to mean no attention or status-sharing with his wife.

“He was the star of the show and she often hung around in the wings.”

The former model let Donald take the lead as she tried not to detract attention from him, the expert claimed.

Judi added: “Melania’s key focus appeared to be on looking immaculate and beautiful. Her smile was perfectly executed but rigid enough to hint at the effort involved.

“Her poses lacked spontaneity and in many ways personality leakage. Melania looked Sphinx-like and enigmatic while her husband soaked up all the attention.”

During the first few months in the White House, Melania was happy to stand back and let her husband take all the attention.

“Melania seemed to see her role as one of complimenting and stoking Trump’s alpha male credentials,” Judi commented.

“Her body language is more red carpet than White House, suggesting she saw herself more as a beautiful attachment than the kind of role equal that we saw from previous presidents.”


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However, the mother-of-one soon changed as she became more popular in her own right.

The expert said: “There was a turning point in Melania’s body language that suggested she finally saw herself as a fully-fledged FLOTUS with popularity and status in her own right.

“Instead of shadowing her husband, spontaneous waves and direct connections to her audience suggest growing confidence and a growing lack of wariness about upstaging Trump.”

Melania became more confident in her role and her body language suggested she started to consider herself as equal to her husband.

Analysing recent pictures of Melania, Judi explained the couple became more of a team.

She explained: “Melania seemed to drop the model posing and opted for a pseudo-military stance instead, using symmetric poses with her shoulders squared and arms straight down at her sides.

“Here the mirroring between the Trumps present them as equals and very much a team of two, with the hand clasp hinting at a desire to signal affection and agreement.”

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