Mind Games – The Next Frontier: How is mental side of sport changing?

Cricket is perhaps even more of a mental game than a technical one.

It was a facet that Charles Colvile investigated in depth a couple of summers ago in our Mind Games series as he chatted with Sir Alastair Cook, James Anderson and Stuart Broad and investigated mental health in sport and what it means to be mentally tough.

  • Episode One – Mind Games
  • Episode Two – Good Enough?
  • Episode Three – The Hard Yards

During Mental Health Awareness Week, we are republishing each episode of the series on skysports.com and have now reached part four – The Next Frontier – as we look at how the mental side of sport is changing in an era of new technology.

Watch in the video at the top of the page.

Charles investigates how the athletes of tomorrow are being shaped, visiting Queen’s University Belfast to try out a virtual-reality headset that transfers budding sportsmen to top sporting venues, such as Lord’s.

We see how cricketers and American footballers are selected on character and an ability to think on the fly, and if those traits can be improved.

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