Missing Man Found Dead Inside Stegosaurus

He was found lodged upside down inside the leg of the hollow sculpture.

The body of a missing man in Spain has been found inside a Stegosaurus.

The 40-year-old was discovered dead crammed into the leg of a dinosaur sculpture outside a cinema in Barcelona, La Vanguardia reported.

The grim discovery was made by a father and son who regularly play in the area of Santa Coloma de Gramenet, who investigated after noticing a foul smell. Peering through a crack, they spotted what looked like a human leg.

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After alerting police, emergency services cut open a hole in the hollow papier-mâché statue to find the unfortunate victim.

It was initially believed he might have been homeless; but it soon emerged he had been reported missing by his family hours earlier.

An autopsy will be carried out to determine how exactly he died, but police do not suspect foul play. They are working on the hypothesis he somehow dropped his phone through a hole the day before, and when he tried to climb inside to retrieve it he tumbled in upside down and became trapped in a freak accident.

The stegosaurus sculpture was the last remaining one from a set of dinosaurs that used to line Francesc Macià avenue along the public highway, to advertise the movie theatre at the landmark Cubics Building, which has long since closed down.

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