MIYAGIHIDETAKA and Carhartt WIP Join for a Bandana-Themed Capsule

MIYAGIHIDETAKA has teamed up with Carhartt WIP for a collective release following a reconstructed shirt capsule with CLOT.

Similar to the last collab with CLOT, MIYAGIHIDETAKA continues its bandana transformation, giving bolder takes on Carhartt WIP’s Master Shirts and Pocket Tees. Each chest pocket in the black and white T-shirts is replaced with a paisley pattern in emerald and purple while the shirts give way to a wider range of pastel colors like green and navy. A standout price from the collection is the multi-color patchwork shirt with mismatched paisleys with red and gray chest pockets.

Set to drop on September 12, the MIYAGIHIDETAKA × Carhartt WIP collaboration will be available at the Tokyo Carhartt WIP Store and 2G TOKYO from ¥9,900 JPY ($90 USD) to ¥52,800 ($478 USD).

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