Model who married herself slams dating apps for superficial relationships

A model who made headlines after marrying herself has hit out at dating apps for causing toxic and superficial relationships.

Cris Galera tied the knot with herself – an act known as sologamy – in front of a church in her native Brazil as onlookers wondered where her spouse was.

The 34-year-old then made headlines again after announcing she was divorcing herself after just 90 days of marriage.

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At the time, Cris said she was terminating her marriage because she met someone special.

Although she had a partner, the influencer previously told the Daily Star she was still speaking to other men online as she is non-monogamous.

Now the Brazillian bombshell has hit out at dating apps, claiming they promote ‘superficial’ connections.

Dating apps and meeting new connections online are generally the go-to when it comes to finding new love interests.

You match, you chat, you meet, and you live happily ever after – if you’re lucky.

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But Cris criticised these types of connections, asking how genuine they are.

She explains: "We see people falling in love very quickly because everything is so perfect through cell phone screens.

“When they start to live together, people show who they are. That's why relationships don't last long, and relationships are more and more superficial.”

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The model is still bothered by the way relationship apps work.

She added: "There, people choose you through photos. They don't know anything about you, and they believe what the picture shows.

“It shouldn't be like this; people are good. But, on the internet, we only show what we want”.

Speaking about her decision to marry herself, she claims that she chose to marry herself to fulfil the lifelong dream of marriage without relying on anyone else.

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“I was always enough, and I was enough for me. So before loving someone, I love myself", explains the model.

According to her, her main goal was to celebrate self-love and inspire other women to work on their self-esteem.


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