Mortified model as sex video is leaked but feels empowered thanks to OnlyFans

A woman has revealed how she regained control of her life by turning to OnlyFans to share private snaps.

Kazumi Squirts, not her real name, was just 19 when someone filmed her during an intimate moment without her consent.

While she thought she was having some casual fun at a pool party with her date, someone was secretly recording every second.

The footage was then shared on social media leaving the model humiliated and wanting the world to "swallow" her up.

It escalated when her bosses at her sales job spotted the video after it was allegedly shared in a group chat with her colleagues.

She feared it would reach her family, but thankfully it didn't.

Kazumi, 24, said: "I'd been at a party with friends and ended up getting with a guy.

"Everyone was having a laugh and socialising. It was summer so it was hot and people were in and out of the pool.

"Me and this guy had been getting on and it was fun. I wasn't seeing anyone at the time, we were both consenting adults.

"I never thought for a second my 'performance' would be videoed and then shared with the world.

"Someone had videoed me on their Snapchat, which got screen-recorded by someone else onto Twitter.

"The person had said something like: 'This is why I don't want a daughter' – and then it went viral."

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Recalling how she felt knowing people had seen her sex act, the model said: "I felt like I wanted the world to swallow me up.

"I was horrified when I found out I'd been filmed and flipped out, shouting and screaming.

"At that point I didn’t feel comfortable with being filmed and I’d never had anything like that happen to me before.

"I was so humiliated because people started turning it into a meme and that was the last thing I wanted.

"I felt like my privacy had been completely violated."

Kazumi tried to find out who had originally recorded it but there were too many people at the party.

Instead she spent weekends desperately trying to un-tag herself from the posts.

Three months after the incident, Kazumi decided to turn things around by "taking back control".

Angry at having an explicit clip shared without her consent, the model started an OnlyFans account.

She had no qualms about the nudity itself, but wanted the power to decide what was uploaded and who could access it.

Kazumi said: "In the end, I decided to embrace it.

"I thought to myself that obviously people enjoyed seeing it so why not make some money from it?"

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While she is happy with the way things turned out with her modelling career, she still feels angry about how it came about.

She revealed: "We were at a party, in a room doing a private thing.

"Someone thought it was OK to not only record it but then share it around – with me as the butt of the joke.

'I'm glad I've been able to take back control and own that situation now.

"I'll never let anyone take advantage of me like that again."

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