Mortified woman’s Amazon Alexa orders three sex toys as Borat film plays

A woman was left in tears of laughter after her Amazon Alexa tried to order more than £100 worth of sex toys without her knowledge.

Katie Brown kept her Alexa next to the TV, but unfortunately it picked up Sasha Baron Cohen’s voice as her brother watched Borat Subsequent Movie Film.

The smart device listened a bit too closely to the 15 rated film which includes graphic nudity, crude and sexual content and language.

Before Katie realised what had happened, three flesh light male sex toys had been added to her shopping basket for a whopping £107.

In the Borat sequel, the cheeky central character tries to order three flashlights on his Alexa, but accidentally receives X-rated items instead.

Unfortunately for Katie, her Alexa thought Sasha Baren Cohen was speaking to her – and found the raunchy items online.

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Luckily, Katie’s brother Bobbie, 25, heard Alexa speak up and ran to tell his sister what had happened.

The story was so outlandish that Katie thought he was joking at first.

Then she checked her account and realised he was telling the truth.

Katie, 26, from Melksham, Wiltshire, said: "I've never had anything happen like this before.

“I’ve seen it happen to other people before, but not me. I never thought it would happen to me."

She continued: "We just had a bit of a chuckle about it.

"I didn't tell my brother off because he wasn't to know.

"Borat says in the film, 'Alexa, order' and my Alexa was next to the television."

The young woman claims she was left “in stitches” by the situation an so she posted about it on Facebook.

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The post said: "So, my brother [is] watching the new Borat film and Borat says, ‘Alexa, order three fleshlight p*****s’.

"My Alexa goes off, so checked my Amazon and it's ordered three of the f***ers.

“£107 I'm dying."

Nearly 7,000 people liked the viral post.

Katie said: "If they had arrived I probably would have laughed and wondered where they had come from before I twigged it was Borat.

"Either that or [I would have blamed] my brother."

An Amazon spokesperson said: "When customers order using Alexa, the item will not automatically be purchased, but rather added to your shopping cart."

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